Working Policies


Absolute Facilities Management and Maintenance Services Limited’s Mission is to nurture and sustain a technically oriented business, through accepting responsibilities that can lead to contribution in knowledge, skills, accomplishment, satisfactions, and efforts to the society. Management is committed to a sustainable health, safety and security standard of her staff, equipment and environment.

  • We develop safe work methods, and make them appealing to employees.
  • All equipment, tools, and machines are consistently maintained.
  • We are committed to the safe preservation of our environment.
  • First aids kits are available at designated areas.

Management is committed to the safety of both employees and visitors, noting that regular accident is a proof of non effective safety culture which could negate the mission statement.



The objectives are:

  • To save lives
  • Assist the injured
  • Reduce the damage to client or company’s resources and also to the environment.
  • Defend our corporate integrity



Absolute Facilities Management and Maintenance Services Limited shall continue to identify the needs and aspiration of its host community in the execution of its operation.

AFMMS believes in all inclusiveness in its operation, therefore, we shall liaise with clients, host communities, relevant government regulatory agencies and others in ensuring a safe and harmonious working relationship and shall implore the best conflict resolution approach in resolving any conflict that may arise.



Absolute industrial cleaners believe that our natural environment which is of vital importance to all living thing, must be protected at all times.

We shall, in pursuance of our technical objectives, recognize the significance of the environment by conducting our activities in such a way as to achieve maximum protection of the environment. We have in place necessary measures aimed at saving the environment, when unavoidable damage is done.

Audit of work areas has formed an integral part of our routine field task.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) shall be carried out as need be, investigation and prompt reporting and follow up on negative interference on the environment is a priority to us.



AFMMS is very much aware of the negative health implications of substance abusers (drugs, alcohol) etc. Our campaigns on its negative effects shall be continuous especially on our workforce.

Any employee suspected to be under the influence of any substance while on duty shall be subjected to predetermined test. Necessary actions shall be taken against such employee(s) confirmed to be influenced by such illicit substance.

Awareness programs on the dangers of drugs and alcohol.



It is the policy of AFMMS to provide relevant and high quality personnel protective equipment (Coveralls, safety footwear, Hardhats, Hand gloves) etc for all persons engaged in operational activity. We shall continue to enforce the effective use and maintenance of available (PPE) carry out regular condition audit and replace defective ones.

HSE supervisors shall continue to monitor compliance to (PPE) rules and report defaulters.



The protection of human, material and other resources used in our daily operation shall continue to be given priority attention.

The company engages the services of an international standard certified security outfit (AYIS SECURITY SOLUTION) for security and surveillance purposes in all our operations.

The surveillance team monitors the movement of company’s personnel, property and other persons in and out of the company’s work area.

Personnel, equipment and materials on transit are provided with maximum protection as escorts are provided for designated journeys.