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Industrial & Commercial Cleaning

We deliver a long list of high quality nationwide industrial cleaning services to ensure that your commercial premises is maintained not just on the surface, but in places beyond as well.  Our highly trained and handpicked technicians are well equipped in other to deliver cleaning services that cannot be matched.

We proudly deliver great services to varied clients nationwide. We completely understand that any hectic industrial premises can become unkempt very quickly as a result of daily activities.

Despite internal cleaning measures, sometimes it’s more than what one thinks; here external measures are very important. That’s where Absolute cleaning services come in.

Waste Removal

Particularly that which is on a commercial scale- it’s never pleasant. Depending on the amount and nature of waste present, there are many different routes that can be taken in order to remove it.

Our teams of waste removal operatives are fully trained in the safe and effective disposal of both hazardous and general waste.

We can dispose –

  • Chemical waste
  • Toxic waste
  • Clinical waste
  • Used batteries and tires
  • Pesticides

We are proficient in waste and rubbish removal from any location. Whether you need a plot of developmental land or a house clearance in advance of a pending private living, we are there to help.

Pest Control Services

Whatever the nature of your business, an infestation by pests can pose a severe hazard to your business. The risks posed depend on the type of pest. Rats and mice pose a threat to health as well as causing damage to household equipment.

They also create a fire risk by damaging electric wires. If you work in a hospitality industry, a rodent infestation can cause irreparable damage to your brand reputation as well as putting you at risk of being closed down for health and safety reasons. Pest species such as pigeons are disease vectors that put the health of your staff and customers at risk. Their dung is also unsightly, ruining the appearance of many office and industrial buildings

Fleas and mites often brought in brought in from domestic pets, can quickly take hold of carpets & furniture and pose an irritation to all. Our skilled and highly qualified pest control team provides a full range of services to deal with infestation.

  • 24 hour fast response service for all kinds of pest infestation
  • 100% effective pest eradication
  • Detailed reporting on completion

We carry out pest control services with minimum disruption to your business. Practices that cause unnecessary suffering to neither pet animals nor harmful or toxic chemicals are not in use.

Overhead Tank Cleaning

Waterborne diseases are caused by pathogenic micro-organisms which are directly transmitted when contaminated fresh water is consumed either by drinking or by bathing. Contaminated water, used in the preparation of food, can be the source of food borne disease through consumption of the same micro-organisms.

According to the World Health Organization, diarrhea disease accounts for an estimated 4.1% of the total daily global burden of disease and is responsible for deaths of 1.8 million people yearly. It estimated that 88% of that burden is attributed to unsafe water supply, sanitation and hygiene, and is mostly concentrated on children in developing countries.

Bacteria can enter a wound from contaminated water or while brushing, causing dry mouth, blurred vision, Difficulty swallowing, Teeth discoloration and a whole lot. Rashes, itchy skin, Fever, Chills, Cough, Muscle Aches etc.

There is a whole lot of health risk when it comes to contaminated water and this happens when you don’t keep your system in the proper state by washing and treating your tanks and pipes.

Unparalleled Support Services

  • Sweeping and Mopping.
  • Bathroom  Cleaning.
  • Mold and Algae treatment.
  • Kitchen & Break room Cleaning.
  • Interior Window Washing.
  • Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning.
  • Marble Floor Polishing and Maintenance.
  • Green Cleaning/Eco-friendly Materials.
  • Post – Construction Cleaning.
  • Specialty  and Emergency Services.
  • Wardrobe /Cupboards/Woods Polishing.
  • Over Head Tank Cleaning and Treatment.

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Be it regular weekly, fortnightly, monthly routines or ad hoc one-time cleaning assistance, we are flexible in tailoring our services as per customer convenience.